Darius Thompson: “Setiap Orang Punya Waktu yang Tepat”

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Starting from the year 2020, Darius Thompson has managed to secure a contract with one of the top EuroLeague teams, Anadolu Efes. With a shortage of talented point guards in the market, Thompson was viewed as the perfect replacement for Vasilije Micic. In an interview with Eurohoops, Thompson shared his goals and ambitions with his new team.

When asked about the delay in his transfer to the EuroLeague, Thompson expressed his belief that he had been one of the best talents in Europe for a while. However, it seemed that teams and owners weren’t fully convinced of his abilities. Despite this, Thompson felt confident in his skills and believed he was ready to compete at the EuroLeague level. He mentioned that he had performed well in games against EuroLeague teams, but sometimes the right opportunity doesn’t come at the expected time.

Thompson acknowledged that everyone has their own right moment, and perhaps it just wasn’t his time earlier. He understood that he needed to continue working hard and gradually climb the ladder of European basketball. Starting from the FIBA Europe Cup, he worked his way up through the Champions League and EuroCup before finally reaching the EuroLeague. Thompson believes that this journey has molded him into the player he is today, as he had to prove himself and earn his place in European basketball.

Despite replacing the highly regarded Micic at Anadolu Efes, Thompson emphasized that he would be true to himself and not try to directly replace him. He expressed his commitment to playing his style of basketball and bringing his own strengths to the team.

Thompson’s arrival at Anadolu Efes has generated excitement among basketball fans, and his integration into the team will be closely watched. With his talent and determination, he has the potential to make a significant impact in the EuroLeague and help his team reach new heights.


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